Build your Heritage – Exhibition

HdS - Faites Votre Patrimoine - JEP 2014 - Faubourg de Béthune (7)

Exhibition | 2014 | Faubourg de Béthune, Lille (59)

In the framework of its actions within the neighbourhood of Faubourg de Béthune in Lille, the association co-realised with the Departmental Archives, the neighbourhood’s town hall, and the association La vie de Chantier, an exhibition on the history of the neighbourhood in the 20th century.

This exhibition gathered source documents and photos from the archives, historical explanations and inhabitants’ testimonies. It has been presented during the European Heritage Days, the 20th and 21th of September 2014, and lasted for several weeks.

This exhibition keeps up with the work began since 2013 by Histoire de Savoir(s) on the heritage and the memory of Faubourg de Béthune, which will continue in 2015 – especially with a campaign aimed at collecting private archives as well as testimonies.

Graphic Design: Nicolas Sekulak

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