RISE UP 2016

Rise Up for Democracy! For Dialogue and Active Participation

RISE UP 2016

European training | Democracy, dialogue, active participation | June 2016 | Anor

From the 11th to the 19th of June 2016, Histoire de Savoir(s) launched a European training (Training Course – Erasmus+ Programme) in Anor, about participatory democracy, youth’s involvement in the democratic process, and the use of dialogue. This training gathered thirty participants from all Europe (Spain, Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, UK).

During seven days, participants could benefit from the different activities prepared by the European team of trainers (Tobias Harbsoe, Argyris Choulias, Blandine Scrève) about the said topics. Hence,  several introductions to the democratic process, to dialogue, to European values and democracies, to project management… have been followed by implementations, reflections, sharing times…

The richness of the participants’ group and their involvement in their country for an active democracy, an action in favour of the youth…have transformed this week in a unique experience, filled with passionate discussions about Europe, the use of dialogue and debate, the stereotypes inner to each country in part… Facing the success of this training, Histoire de Savoir(s) has decided to launch a new training « Stand Up for your Mobility » in the spring of 2017, focusing this time on the right to free movement for the youth and youth workers in Europe.

Partners organisations :

  • System and G – Greece
  • Kistarcsa Cultural Association – Hungary
  • Europski Put – Croatia
  • Oporutnidades Europeas – Spain
  • Peco – Progetti Europei di Cooperazione – Italy
  • Project CIC 2020 – UK
  • Europæiske Civile Ressourcer Center Danmark – Daemark

Project supported by the French National Agency of Erasmus + programs : http://www.erasmusplus-jeunesse.fr/site/