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Re-Mind. Following the Memory of the Shoah in Ukraine”
Short documentary realised by a team of 10 youngsters between 2013 and 2015.
MONDAY 9th of MARCH at 7 p.m.
Cinéma l’Univers
(16 rue Danton – 59000 Lille)
The entry is free,  depending on available space

To discover an excerpt from the movie:
Movie Excerpt

Link to the project’s blog:

In the framwork of its activities of popular education and civic expression, the association initiated and led a European project from 2013 to 2015, gathering a French-German team willing to make a documentary, in a pedagogical approach, on the memory of the Holocaust in Ukraine.

To question the processes of memory on the Holocaust, the Ukrainian case seemed to be a significative example of the complexity and subjectivity of the way we remember this event. Indeed, the Ukrainian society rediscovers its history for the past 20 years, history which includes numerous tragedies and traumas (Holodomor, the soviet era…). What is the place of the Holocaust in Ukrainians’ memory? Is memory vital for our future?
The making of the movie has entirely been realised by a team of 10 young people from Germany, France, the Netherlands and Ukraine. After several work meetings (photos available here), several teams went all around Ukraine in order to discover, investigate, and film traces of the Shoah in Ukraine, with one question as common thread: “What is memory?”.

The movie has also been put together in team. Hence, it is a true collective and intercultural creation, which production could not have been possible without each’s skills and complementarity (theoretical and scientific, linguistic and cultural, digital and technical…).

Faithful to the working methods of the association, beyond the collective creation, it represented a project of popular education during which the team of young people developped and acquired know-how and skills. By conveying the movie, their discoveries can be transmitted to the public, as well as their own understanding of the subject, their own vision of memory in general, and especially the memory of the Holocaust through the complex case of Ukraine. It is a real civic involvement, aiming at decrying the barbaric nature of Nazi crimes, and questioning our relationship, as youngsters, to this marking event of the 20th Century; it also represents an involvement to share several values: the respect of the other, of living together and peace.

For more information, we invite to discover the brochure, here.

The team:

Lisa Füchte

Elias Angele

Matthias Crépel

Sophie Rathkle

Claire Jeandroz

Lukas Eichner

Philip Van den Pluym

Under the aegis of Histoire de Savoir(s):

Blandine Scrève

Technical work:

Photographs and videos: Matthias Crépel, Claire Jeandroz (Les films des deux mains), Histoire de Savoir(s)

Graphic design: Nicolas Sekulak

Sound: Dimitri Dinos

With the precious help of:

Khrystia Dubnystka

Nadia Koval

Special thanks to the persons that have accepted to testify and/or to answer our questions.

With the financing of the former programmes “Youth in Action”, now known as Erasmus + (

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