How to create your own Language Exchange Club

Facebook group « Language Exchange Club Lille » is the platform for the language exchange meeting initiatives in different Lille cafes.

Members of this group want to improve their language skills by meeting others face to face in an informal atmosphere. Normally, to the meetings come also native speakers.

In the language exchange meetings you can practice a language, share international perspectives, and make new friends. The meetings are free of charge.

Please feel free to create your own language exchange meetings and be responsible for it. To do it, you just need to reserve the places in a nice Lille cafe and to write the LEC Lille event creator (Yazid Dahmani) at least 2 days in advance the massage in facebook with the following info:
• Language of the meeting
• Time of the meeting (from
• Location of the meeting (name of café in Lille, its address and number of reserved places)
• Evtl. mobile number

Advices for the sucessful language exchange meeting organizer:
1) to choose the nice quite and inexpensive Lviv cafe in the city center and to reserve there the places
2) to set the atmosphere of mutual respect at the meeting
3) to speak the chosen language
4) evtl. to prepare some materials for the discussions
5) to announce the event in advance
6) to be present from the beginning of the meeting and to greet newcomers. in case the group is big, it is advisable to find other people to help to greet people.
7) to get feedback from the group members on the possible improvements of the meeting and if reasonable to realize it
8) to put the note, e.g. « language exchange – German » on the table, so it is easier for the newcomers to find the place