Language Clubs – launching of the French meetings

Hello folks! The language clubs’ family is growing!

Histoire de Savoir(s) initiated a new language club, to be held in French. It is aimed at persons whose mother tongue is not French, and who would like to discuss and exchange with French and non-French-speaking people.

In a format similar to the other language clubs (English and Spanish), the meetings are held by volunteers and take place every two weeks (on Wednesday evenings), in a non-formal way – at the After Hours bar, rue Solférino, Lille). The goal is not only to enable participants to practice the French language, but also to encourage intercultural meetings in Lille.

Entry is free, and each of you is in charge of its drinks.

Whether you are French, a French-speaking person or not, we are waiting for you to show up to these new meetings, to discuss, share and learn in a non-formal way J

Next meeting: 16th of March 2016

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