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European training | Non-formal education, artistic practices | November 2015 | Marchiennes

From the 7th to the 11th of November 2015, Histoire de Savoir(s) organised a European training about non-formal education through visual arts. This training gathered 28 European participants: volunteers, youth and cultural stakeholders, students and professors.

The idea of this training is based on this quote:

“Education through art is a natural learning tool on all stages of individual development, reinforcing values and essential disciplines for the intellectual, emotional and social development of a human being among a community. Gathering at a global level stakeholders of education through is necessary for sharing experiences, improving practices, and reinforcing the status of art within education. International cooperation and a better understanding between peoples must be reinforced (…) in order for the human right to “freely take part to the cultural life of the community, to access art’ and to create beauty by himself while interacting with his environment, will become reality.” Dr. Herbet Read, UNESCO, InSEA

Practicing visual arts such as photography, video and graphic arts develops many skills and competencies, stimulates personal reflection and critical thinking, develops personal creativity and sensibility, social cohesion through collective reflection on society, encourages tolerance and the defence of the values of humanism, and reinforces civic expressions.

The objectives of the training are

  • To discuss and demonstrate the relevance of using visual arts as tools of non-formal education
  • To train participants to the use of technic tools on photography, video and graphic arts
  • To share best practices and participants’ experiences
  • To develop a European network of organisations acting in the fields on non-formal education through artistic practices.

List of partner associations:

  • King’s Lynn Arts Center Trust – England
  • ActArt – Greece
  • Jugend & Kulturprojekt e.V – Germany
  • Go Europe – Spain
  • Associação Par – Respostas Sociais (PAR) – Portugal
  • Informal group of Romanian teachers
  • Informal group of Hungarian teachers

Read the article about the training: Art For Your Future – Nov. 2015 – Marchiennes

European Training financed through Erasmus+ programmes, in regards to their KA1 action “Mobility of young people and youth workers”: http://www.agence-erasmus.fr