These meetings are suspended for the moment. We are looking for volunteers to lead them.

At the l’Univers cinema

Bimonthly meetings – on Mondays

The concept: Information come from all places. We are facing all these pieces of information as if they were new facts. However, every event has it history. The idea of “Let’s talk about it” (Histoire d’en parler), is to make a link between these events and their past, in order to better understand the current situation.

The project “Let’s talk about it” has been initiated by Julien Leruste. Julien holds a Master degree in History, and takes part to many social and cultural events. He lent a hand for realising the exhibition “Shalom Ukraina”. We met him during our language meetings, to which he regularly comes and for which he musters people through Couch Surfing – a concept he is very keen on. Thus, he makes part of all the volunteers that have joined us, motivated by Histoire de Savoir(s)’ leitmotiv: giving young people the means to express themselves, by themselves, and transmitting knowledge through creative visual means.

In a nutshell, Let’s talk about it are bimonthly meetings, tackling a wide range of cultural, political, economic, social topics…about current events. They take place on Mondays, every two weeks, for now at Le Café Citoyen. Julien presents the topic, brings us information, reflection paths we can debate about, or simply think by ourselves and sharpen, highlight our viewpoint.