Lille-Wroclaw. An European Adventure


Projet franco-polonais Ι Photographie et design graphique Ι 2009-2012

In the perspective of their twinning, the towns of Lille and Wroclaw act together to the translation and launching of Norman Davies’ book Microcosm, on the history of the city of Wroclaw. The presentation of the book will take place on the 4th and 5th of October 2013. For this two-day celebration, we proposed to organise an exhibition created by young French and Poles. This event is set to take place during 6 months, thanks to a national and binational teamwork, punctuated by two major meetings (10 days in Wroclaw in July and 10 days in Lille in September), in the framework of the European Programmes “Youth in Action” – Youth Exchange.

Goal: to launch an exhibition mixing photography and graphic arts on the European heritage of the two towns and their historical evolution towards to contemporary European metropolises, two major cosmopolitan crossroads of the European Union, known for their cultural dynamism.

Two youth exchanges: 


Réalisation graphique : Nicolas SekulakExhibition from the 5th to the 20th of October, at the Gare St Sauveur:

The exhibition sets up, through photography and graphic design, the historical evolution of Lille and Wroclaw towards two contemporary European metropolises. Works presented are the result of a 6-month collective work of 18 young French and Poles; with this exhibition, they convey the way they look at their town.

Photo animator: Matthias Crépel / Graphic Design Animator: Nicolas Sekulak

©Photo credits: Matthias Crépel

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