Call For French Participants! “Think Human!”

Think Human!” project
Histoire de Savoirs est partenaire du projet “Think Human” porté par notre partenaire grec “System and G”. Ce projet porte sur l’intégration des réfugiés au sein des communautés locales en Europe et au Moyen Orient par la mise en place d’actions de sensibilisation, de rencontres… à destination des jeunes dans le but de combattre les préjugés et les craintes (cf description du projet ci-dessous en anglais).
A ce titre, nous recherchons 2 participants français acteurs de jeunesse, impliqués sur la thématique du projet, pour prendre part au trois rencontres qui auront lieu en Grèce :
1) Une formation européenne du 17 au 23 avril 2017 à Mytilini en Grèce
2) Un séminaire de rencontre du 11 au 16 juin 2017 à Athènes en Grèce
3) Une rencontre d’évaluation du 13 au 18 septembre 2017 à Idomeni en Grèce.
Histoire de Savoirs coordonnera la sélection, la préparation des participants et la logistique…
L’ensemble des frais (transport, logement, nourriture) sont pris en charge par les programmes Erasmus +. Les frais administratifs de 150€ pour l’ensemble des 3 rencontres restent à la charge des participants. Pour toutes informations,  nous contacter par mail : ou par téléphone au 07 62 73 16 04.
Shortly about the project:
“Think Human!” is a 3 stages project that will gather 24 youth workers in order to offer them tools and the capacity to deal with the social dimensions of what we call Refugees crises. Coming from 12 different countries (Egypt, Jordan,Turkey, Greece, FYROM, Hungary, Germany, France, Sweden, Latvia, Ukraine and Georgia)  participants will have a holistic approach of the refugees crises and the related policies so to be able to produce actions and activities for the better integration of refugees and migrants back to their communities.
Our project will cover different types of conflicts and in different settings and consequently ways of transforming conflicts by non-violent actions for post-conflict/post-disaster rehabilitation actions and better integration of refugees . The emphasize is placed on foster a constructive debate on recent conflicts in Europe according to the refugees crises and in cooperation with the youth field to try to face the challenges.
This is done by promoting non-violent approaches leading to actions on peace-building in a society level between the refugees and the locals. Moreover, young leaders will discuss the significant role of youth participation in grass-root peace-building initiatives.
The trainers and invited experts will share practical and theoretical knowledge on the topics, through plenary sessions, discussions, workshops, creativity sessions, inter-cultural & interactive exercises and other non-formal educational methods. Essential throughout the TC is the input and experience sharing from participants.
“Think Human” is the natural reply of 12 HR organizations to the challenges that European society is facing related to the refuges crisis. Europe is becoming less and less safe place to live. Much of the violence is based at prejudices against refugees, which affects young people in our society and increase xenophobia. “Think Human” promotes the Human Dimension of every Human being! Europeans, non Europeans, of any color and gender, any country, refugees or not, we are all Humans! Above anything else!
Young people have the power to break prejudice, promote non–violent actions and become ambassadors of peace and justice for every human. We decided to promote this project because different forms of conflicts are often closely interrelated, young people affected by conflicts whether on international, national or on local level very often develop xenophobic and racist attitudes that can lead to aggressions and violence towards other ethnicities, people of other nationalities, or just any type of minorities – especially refugees.
Simply, chauvinism, racism and discrimination combined with violence and life threatening acts towards minority groups create the need to look for effective strategies to address issues of conflict and violence among young people. “Think Human” includes 3 stages, training course, seminar and evaluation meeting.
The places are selected to enrich not only the project learning experience in matters of learning outcomes but the emotional learning as well. We will follow the route of refugees within Greece!! Starting with the training course at Mytilene 17-23/04/2017, continue with the seminar in Athens 11-16/06/2017 and finish with the evaluation meeting at the Greek-FYROM borders at Idomeni / Kilkis13-18/09/2017. In each place will be targeted visits and meetings with experts of the topic.
The project aims to develop new initiatives and strategies for youth inclusion and active involvement of young people in projects dealing with conflicts on international, national and local level promoting the integration of refugees. This project is dedicated to the promotion of non-violent actions and the development of peaceful social inclusion initiatives for refugees.
The background of the project outline is constituted by existing regional conflicts in  South Eastern Europe, Mediterranean Partner Countries  and Eastern Europe and Caucasus countries and the increasing tensions within many EU countries in regards to nationalism and racism. Tensions that affect directly the EU refugees policy.
As a result, the projects aims to develop new initiatives and strategies for youth refugees inclusion and active involvement of young people in projects dealing with conflicts on international, national and local level. Young people are playing a major role in the solution of existing conflicts and tensions between communities, and can take a leading function in promoting peace, establishing links between the conflict parties, and turning frozen conflicts into constructive dialogues by applying innovative methods all across Europe.

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